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Description of the medicine: Fetanol (Phethanolum)

FETANOL (Phethanolum). 1- (meta-Oxyphenyl) -2-ethylaminoethanol hydrochloride.

Synonyms: Athyladrianol, Circulan, Effontil, Effortil, Ethyphylline, Etilefrinum, Etilefrine, Kertasin, Pressoton, and others.

White or white with cream-colored crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water and alcohol.

By its structure and action is close to mezaton. Chemically, it differs from mezaton by the presence of an ethyl group instead of methyl at the nitrogen atom.

Refers to the group of sympathomimetic amines, stimulating, like the mesotone, a-adrenoreceptors.

Compared with mezatone causes a slightly less dramatic, but more prolonged increase in blood pressure.

Applied to increase blood pressure under various hypotonic conditions (shock and kollaptoidnye states during surgery and in the postoperative period, hypotension in infectious diseases, neurocirculatory and vegetovascular dystonia, etc.).

Assign inside and parenterally. Inside is taken with hypotonic conditions; Appoint in tablets to 0,005 g (5 mg) 2 - 3 times a day. At the expressed forms of a hypotension and for fast effect enter the preparation under a skin or intramuscularly on 1 - 2 ml of 1% solution. With a strong decrease in blood pressure, 1 ml of 1% solution is injected slowly into the vein, the injections are repeated if necessary at intervals of 2 h. It can also be injected into the vein drip in an isotonic solution of sodium chloride or 5% glucose solution (1 ml of 1% solution of fetanol per 100 ml of the solution, in total injected up to 300 ml, i.e. 30 mg of the drug, the rate of administration of 60 to 80 drops per minute).

Children of younger age are appointed orally inside on 0,00125 - 0,0025 g (1/4 - 1/2 tablets) 2 - 3 times a day; Under a skin enter on 0,1 - 0,4 ml of 1% of a solution.

Older children are given oral by 0,0025 - 0,005 grams (1/2 - 1 tablet) 2 to 3 times a day; Under a skin enter on 0,4 - 0,7 ml of 1% solution.

Essential advantages over mezaton fetanol as a pressor tool does not.

The introduction of fetanol into the conjunctival sac causes some dilatation of the pupil and a decrease in intraocular pressure (mainly due to a decrease in the formation of watery moisture). In connection with the decrease in intraocular pressure, it is used (along with miotics) in the treatment of glaucoma (see Adrenaline). Assign in the form of drops and ointments with primary subcompensated and uncompensated glaucoma with an open angle of the anterior chamber and with some forms of secondary glaucoma. With decompensated intraocular pressure is not applied.

Apply fetanol for glaucoma in the form of 3% and 5% solutions one drop per eye daily 2 times a day (morning and evening) 5-10 minutes after instillation of miotics. 1% fetanol-pilocarpine ointment is placed in the conjunctival sac 1 time per day (at night).

Contraindications to the appointment of fetanol inside and in the form of injections and precautions are the same as with the use of mezaton.

Contraindication to the use of ophthalmic forms of fetanol (drops and ointments) is glaucoma with a narrow and closed angle of the anterior chamber.