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Medication Description: Oak Bark (Cortex Quercus)

CORA OAK (Cortex Quercus).

Bark of branches and thin trunks of a cultivated and wild tree - pedunculate oak - Quercus robur L. (synonym: Quercus pedunculata Ehrh.) And rock oak - Quercus repeatae (synonym: Quercus sessiliflora Salisb) - collected in early spring. beech (Fagaceae). Contains at least 8% tannins.

Used as an astringent in the form of water decoction (1:10) for rinsing with gingivitis, stomatitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, pharynx, pharynx, larynx. Sometimes prescribed externally 20% decoction for the treatment of burns.

Release form: the crushed raw materials in cardboard packs on 100 g.

R p.: Dec. сrt. Quercus 20.0: 200 ml

DS To rinse the mouth

Rp .: Dec. cor. Quercus 10.0: 150 ml

Aluminis 2, 0

Glycerini 15 ml