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Medication Description: Herb Series (Herba Bidentis)

GROSS GRASS (Herba Bidentis).

Collected in the phase of budding and beginning of flowering and dried grass of wild-growing and cultivated one-year herbaceous plant of the series of threefold (Videns trirartita L.), herewith. Astrov (Asterasee).

Contains tannins, polysaccharides.

Apply in the form of infusion (7, 5 g per cup of boiling water) in children's practice for baths with diathesis; sometimes taken orally as a diuretic and diaphoretic (for colds).

Release form: the crushed raw materials in cardboard packs on 100 g.

Briquettes of successive grass (Briketum herbae Bidentis) are produced in the form of rectangular tiles weighing 75 g, dividing into 10 slices of 7, 5 g, or in the form of round briquettes of 7, 5 g. min, filter. For baths take 1 glass. Inside take 1 tablespoon in the morning and evening.