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Description of the medicine: Dermatolum (Dermatolum)

DERMATOL (Dermatolum).

Bismuth gallate is the main one.

Synonyms: bismuth basic gallate, Bismuthi subgallas, Bismuthum subgallicum.

Amorphous powder of lemon-yellow color, odorless and tasteless, practically insoluble in water and alcohol. Soluble when heated in mineral acids (with decomposition). Easily soluble in a solution of caustic soda to form a yellow solution that rapidly blushes in air.

Contains 52 - 56, 5% bismuth oxide.

Apply externally as an astringent and drying agent for inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes (ulcers, eczema, dermatitis) in the form of powder, ointment and suppositories.

Form release: powder and 10% ointment (on petroleum jelly).

Storage: in well-closed container, protected from light.

RR .: Dermatoli 10.0

Zinci oxydi 20.0

Talci 30.0

M.f. Rulv.

DS Powder

Rr .: Ung. Dermatoli 10% 20.0