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Medication Description: Phosphalugel (Fosfalugel)

PHOSFALUGE (Fosfalugel).

Synonyms: Alfogel, Gasterin, Gefal, Fosfalyuzhel, Alfogel, Gefal, Phosphalugel.

Colloidal gel containing aluminum phosphate (about 23%), as well as gel pectin and agar-agar.

The drug has an enveloping effect and antacid activity, contributing to the protection of the gastric mucosa.

Applied with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with normal and increased secretion, dyspepsia, food intoxication.

Take inside the contents of 1-2 bags undiluted 2-3 times a day, washed down with a small amount of water, or diluted in cup of water (can be with added sugar).

Sometimes causes constipation.

The drug is contraindicated in severe renal dysfunction.

Form release: 8% and 55% gel for oral administration in plastic bags of 16 g (N. 20).