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Medication Description: Sucralfat (Sucralfat)

Sucralfat (Sucralfat).

The main aluminum salt of sucrose octasulfate.

Synonyms: Alsukral, Alsucral, Andapsin, Sacras, Ulcon, etc.

White hygroscopic amorphous powder. Easily soluble in dilute acids, practically insoluble in water.

Produced in the form of tablets called "Venter" ("Venter") with a content of 0.5 g of sucralfate.

The drug has antacid, adsorbing and enveloping effect.

Neutralizes gastric acid, inhibits pepsin secretion. When entering the stomach on the surface of the mucous membrane forms a polymeric protective film and has a cytoprotective effect.

Assign adults with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hyperacid gastritis.

Take for 1/2 - 1 hour before meals in a daily dose of 2 - 4 g (4 - 8 tablets): 0.5 - 1 g (1 - 2 tablets) before breakfast, lunch and dinner and 0.5 1 g (1-2 tablets) at bedtime. The tablets are swallowed whole, without chewing, with a small amount of water. " The course of treatment 4 - 6 weeks or more. If necessary, repeat the course.

When taking the drug may be constipated. Sukralfat should not be administered with tetracyclines (absorption of tetracyclines is impaired).

Contraindications: severe kidney damage and pregnancy.

Form release: tablets of 0.5 g white with a grayish tinge in a package of 100 pieces.

Storage: in a dry, dark place.