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Medication Description: Alugastrin (Alugastrin)

ALUGASTRIN (Alugastrin) *.

Sodium salt of carbonate dihydroxyaluminium.

Synonym: Alugastrin.

Available in white suspension. Contains in 100 ml 6, 8 g of the drug.

It has antacid, astringent, enveloping effect. When ingested on the surface of the gastric mucosa forms a uniform protective film.

Indications, possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for other similar drugs (see De-nol).

It is taken orally for 1/2 to 1 hour before meals and at bedtime, 1 to 2 teaspoons of suspension or the contents of 1 to 2 bags (5 or 10 ml) with a small amount of warm boiled water or without water.

Forms of release: in flasks on 250 ml and on 5 or 10 ml in plastic bags.

Storage: in tightly closed bottles (or in bags) in a dark place.

Produced in Poland.