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Description of medicine: Drill fluid (Liquor Burovi)

DRILL LIQUID (Liquor Burovi).

Aluminum acetate 8% solution (Liquor aluminii subacetatis 8%).

Synonyms: A solution of basic aluminum acetate, Liquor aluminii subacetaci.

A colorless, clear, acidic reaction liquid with a faint odor of acetic acid and a sweet, astringent taste. It has astringent and local anti-inflammatory effect, in high concentration it has moderate antiseptic properties.

Applied externally in diluted form (10 to 20 times or more) for rinsing, lotions, douching in inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.

Release form: in bottles.

Storage: in well-closed bottles in a cool place.

Rp: Liq. Burovi 500 ml