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Description of medicine: Purified turpentine oil (Oleum Terebinthinae rectificatum)

OIL TERPENTINE PURIFIED (Oleum Terebinthinae rectificatum).

Turpentine peeled. Essential oil obtained by distillation of resin from ordinary pine (Pinus silvéstris L.), herewith. pine (Rinaseae).

The main component of turpentine - hydrogenated hydrocarbon-pinene.

Transparent colorless mobile liquid with a characteristic smell and burning taste. Insoluble in water, soluble in 12 parts of alcohol. Mixed in all ratios with ether, chloroform, benzene.

It has a local irritant, distracting (analgesic) and antiseptic effect. The distraction is associated with the ability of turpentine (as well as other essential oils) to penetrate the epidermis and cause reflex changes in the body as a result of irritation of the skin receptors; the release of biologically active substances, in particular histamine, also plays a certain role.

Assign mainly externally in ointments and liniment for grinding with neuralgia, myositis, lumboischialgia, rheumatism, sometimes used inside and for inhalation with putrid bronchitis, bronchiectasis and other lung diseases.

Contraindicated in lesions of the liver and kidney parenchyma.

Form release: in bottles of 50 g.

Turpentine ointment (Unguentum Terebinthinae) contains 20 g of turpentine oil, purified, 80 g of a consistent emulsion (water - vaseline).

Form release: in glass jars of 50 g.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

An ointment containing 20 g of turpentine refined oil, 10 g camphor, 40 g purified pork fat, 10 g medical paraffin, up to 100 g vaseline is also produced.

The ointment is used as a distracting and anti-inflammatory agent.

Linimentum turpentine complex (Linimentum olei Теrеbinthinae сtrositum) contains 40 ml of turpentine purified oil, 20 ml of chloroform; 40 ml bleached or dopey oil.

Applied externally to the grinding with neuralgia, myositis, rheumatism.

Product: in bottles of 80 ml.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

Rp .: Ol. Terebinthinae, rectificati 10 ml

DS 10 to 15 drops per cup of hot water (for inhalation)

Rp .: 0l. Terebinthinae rectificati

Chloroformii aa 15 ml

Methylii salicylatis 10 ml

Mf linim.