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Medication Description: Bitter Tincture (Tinctura amara)

TASTE BITTER (Tinctura amara).

It is obtained from centaury herb (60 g), water trefoil leaves (60 g), calamus rhizomes (30 g), grass of wormwood (30 g), coriander fruits (15 g) and ethyl alcohol 40% in the amount necessary to produce 1 l tincture.

Transparent liquid brownish-yellow color, fragrant smell, bitter taste.

Apply inside by 10 - 20 drops to receive.

Product: in bottles of 25 ml.

Storage: protected from light.

R p.: T-rae amarae 25 ml

DS 15 drops 3 times a day for 20 - 30 minutes before eating

R p .: T-rae amarae

T-rae Rhei aa 15 ml