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Description of the medicine: Psoriasin (Psoriasinum)

PSORIAZIN (Psoriasinum).

The ointment contains 0.005 g of dichlorodiethyl sulfide in 100 g of Vaseline medical (1:20 000). Ointment is white or yellow.

Dichlorodiethyl sulfide, or mustard, refers, like trichlorotriethylamine, which is part of the antipsoriaticum, to substances of blistering.

In a large dilution (1:20 000) it is used for the treatment of psoriasis (in the stationary stage) and in nested alopecia.

Before the beginning of systematic treatment determine the sensitivity of the patient's skin to the drug. With good tolerance, they pass to systematic rubbing.

The method of administration, duration of treatment, precautions and contraindications are the same as for the appointment of an antipyrosiatikum ointment.

Psoriazin has a more pronounced sensitizing ability than antipsoriatikum; Allergic reactions can be of the bullous type. With careless application, there may be an exacerbation of psoriasis with the transition to erythroderma.

Product: in aluminum tubes of 25 and 35 grams and in glass jars of 100 g.

Storage: List A.

The rules of leave and work with the drug are the same as for antipsoriatikoma.