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Description of the medicine: Neobenzinol for injection (Neobenzinolum pro injectionibus)

NON-PENZININ FOR INJECTIONS (Neobenzinolum pro injectionibus).

Mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons with olive or peach oil. Contains 16% of hexane, 16% of normal heptane and 68% of peach or olive oil. Transparent light yellow liquid with a peculiar smell.

With intramuscular injection, the drug causes tissue irritation and has a reflex and humoral effect, accompanied by the release from the mast cells and other tissues of biogenic physiologically active substances, including histamine (see).

The drug is proposed as a nonspecific desensitizing agent, sometimes used for bronchial asthma and scrofuloderm.

Enter into the muscles with bronchial asthma for 0,6 - 0,8 ml, with scrophuloderm - 0.2-0.3 ml. In bronchial asthma neobenzinol is used during frequent attacks; With the preventive purpose in the absence of attacks the drug is not prescribed. Usually do 1 or 2 injections with an interval of 2, 5 3 weeks. Injections are repeated only after the first injection has not given effect or if after a while the attacks of suffocation have resumed. With scrofuloderm injection is repeated with a break 2 - 3 weeks. After the injection at the injection site, a painful infiltration develops, the temperature rises and the state of health worsens.

Contraindications: active tuberculosis, febrile reactions, angina pectoris.

Product: in ampoules of 0.4 ml. Ampoules are opened immediately before use. Storage: in a cool place protected from fire.