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Medication Description: Ammonia Solution 10% (Solutio Ammonii caustici 10%)

AMMONIA SOLUTION 10% (Solutio Ammonii caustici 10%).

Synonyms: Ammonia, Liquor Ammonii caustici, Ammonium causticum solutum.

Transparent colorless volatile liquid with a sharp characteristic odor, strongly alkaline reaction. Mixed with water and alcohol in all proportions. Contains 9, 5 - 10.5% ammonia.

When inhaled, it reflexively stimulates the respiratory center, acting through the receptors of the upper respiratory tract (the end of the trigeminal nerve).

In high concentrations, ammonia can cause a reflex stop breathing.

It is used as an ambulance for the initiation of respiration and removal of patients from fainting, for which a small piece of cotton wool or gauze moistened with liquid ammonia is carefully brought to the nasal openings (0.5 - 1 s) or a braided ampule is used. When breaking off the tip of the ampoule, the cotton-gauze sheath is impregnated with the solution.

Sometimes taken orally as an emetic (5-10 drops per 100 ml of water); used only in diluted form.

When insect bites are used externally in the form of lotions.

In surgical practice, use for washing hands according to the method of Spasokukotsky and Kochergin (25 ml per 5 liters of warm boiled water). The solution has an antimicrobial effect and cleans the skin well.

Local application of ammonia solution is contraindicated for dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Taking undiluted drug causes burns to the esophagus and stomach.

Forms of release: in bottles (with ground stoppers) 10; 40 and 100 ml and in 1 ml ampoules (with braid) in a package of 10 pieces.

Storage: in a cool place.

Drops of ammonia and anisic (see).

Thoracic elixir (see).

Ammoniac liniment (Linimentum aminiatum) contains 25 g of ammonia solution, 74 g of sunflower oil, 1 g of oleic acid. Thickish yellowish-white liquid with an ammonia odor.

Used for grinding with neuralgia, myositis, etc.