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Medication Description: Apifor (Apiphorum)

APIFOR (Apiphorum).

Tablets of white or white with a grayish tint color. Contain 0.001 g of lyophilized bee venom. Apply to electrophoresis.

The tablets are dissolved in distilled water immediately before use. Enter from both poles; current 10 mA; procedure duration 10 min. The concentration of the solution is 1:20 000 (1 tablet in 20 ml of water). The course of treatment is 15 to 20 procedures. Procedures are carried out daily or with an interval of several days, depending on the reaction.

After electrophoresis at the injection site, severe hyperemia, swelling of the skin, fever, soreness, itching are usually observed. These phenomena persist from several hours to 2 - 3 days. With increased sensitivity may occur urticaria, runny nose, severe itching, sneezing. With severe side effects, the concentration is reduced, the interval between procedures is increased; if necessary, prescribe antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs.

In the course of treatment, they monitor the condition of the skin and the function of the kidneys.

Indications: polyarthritis, myositis, deforming spondylarthrosis, sciatica, peripheral vascular disease (endarteritis; thrombophlebitis without a purulent process); keloid scars after burns and surgeries, etc.

Contraindications are the same as for other preparations of bee venom (see).

Product form: tablets of 0.001 g in 25 and 100 pieces of orange glass cans.

Storage: List B. In the dark spot.