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Description of the medicine: Nayaxinum (Najaxinum)

NAYAKSIN (Najaxinum).

An aqueous solution containing 1 mg of Central Asian cobra venom in 1 ml with the addition of 4 mg of novocaine and sodium chloride. Clear, colorless liquid; pH 4, 5 - 5, 5.

Like vipraxin, it has an analgesic effect and is used to eliminate pain in patients with lumbosacral radiculitis, neuralgia, and neuritis of various etiologies.

Enter under the skin or intramuscularly 1 time per day with an interval of 1 to 3 days.

The initial dose for adults is 0.2 ml, then gradually increase it by 0.1 - 0.2 ml to 1 - 2 ml. The maximum single dose of 2 ml. The course of treatment is 12 to 20 injections. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after a 4-week break.

For possible adverse reactions and contraindications, see Vipraxin for Injection.

Release form: in ampoules of 1 ml in a package of 10 ampoules.

Storage: List A. In a cool, dark place.