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Description of the drug: The fruits of the Zhoster laxative (Fructus Rhamni catharticae)

THE FRUITS OF THE WONDERFAST WOMAN (Fructus Rhamni catharticae).

Harvested mature and dried fruits of the wild-growing shrub of the luscious zhoster, or buckthorn laxative (Rhamnus cathartica L.), herewith. rushinovye (Rhamnaseee), growing in the middle and southern parts of the European part of our country, in Ukraine and in Bashkiria. They contain antraglycosides and other substances.

Acts like buckthorn brittle. Apply in the form of a decoction and infusion: 1 tablespoon of Zhoster is brewed in a glass of boiling water, infused for 2 hours, filtered. Take at night for 1/2 cup. Included in the laxative tea N 2 (see Senna leaves).