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Medication Description: Senade

Senade *.

Synonyms: Seneyd, Seneyda.

A preparation containing antraglycosides of senna leaves. Available in brown tablets containing 13, 5 mg of calcium salts of sennosides A and B, which corresponds to the activity of 0.6 g of senna leaves in powder form.

Is taken orally before meals 1 tablet (usually at night). In the absence of effect, the dose is increased in a few days to 2 to 3 tablets.

Children 1 - 3 years old appoint 1/2 tablet (if necessary up to 1 tablet), children 4-12 years old - 1 tablet (if necessary up to 1, 5 2 tablets). The stool usually returns to normal within a few days after starting the drug.

Form release: pills in a package of 50 pieces.

Storage: in a dry, cool place.

Produced in India.

Glaksena (Glahena) *. Tablets similar in composition and action to the tablets "Senade". Dosage and administration see Senade.

Produced in India.

The name "Glaxena" - from Glaxo (company name) and senna.