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Description of the medicine: Kafiol (Cafiolum)

KAFIOL (Cafiolum),

The combined preparation in the form of briquettes of dark brown color with yellow spots (seeds of fig fruits), a peculiar fruit smell and taste.

They contain 0.7 g of senna leaves, 0.3 g of senna fruits, 2, 2 g of plum fruit pulp, 4, 4 g of fig fruits, 0.84 g of petroleum jelly '.

The drug has a laxative effect due to chemical irritation (anthraquinones of leaves and senna fruits) and mechanical irritation (plum and fig pectins) of the intestine, as well as facilitating the promotion of intestinal contents (liquid paraffin).

Take inside in the evening. The briquette needs to be chewed.

Dose 1/2 - 1 briquette per reception; with persistent constipation 1, 5 - 2 briquettes (in 2 doses).

The highest daily dose is 6 briquettes. Depending on the nature of the disease, it is taken once or in courses (10-14 days).

Possible side effects are cramping abdominal pain, frequent loose stools. These phenomena disappear after drug withdrawal or dose reduction.

Release form: in packing on 6 briquettes.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

Foreign drug "Regulax" (Regulax) (Germany), similar in composition and action to kafiol; does not contain only the pulp of plum fruit.