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Medication Description: Castor Oil (Oleum Ricini)

KASTOROVOE OIL (Oleum Ricini). Castor oil.

The fatty oil obtained by pressing and subsequent purification of seeds of a cultivated castor plant (Ricinus communis L.), herewith. euphorbia (Euphorbiaseae).

Transparent, thick, viscous, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a faint odor and a peculiar, unpleasant taste. Mixed with alcohol, ether, chloroform. When cooled to - 16 'C freezes in a whitish ointment-like mass. Density 0.948 - 0.968. Acid number not more than 1, 5.

When ingested, it is cleaved by lipase in the small intestine with the formation of ricinoleic acid, which causes irritation of the intestinal receptors (along its entire length) and reflex enhancement of peristalsis. The laxative effect usually occurs after 5 to 6 hours.

When taking castor oil is also observed reflex contraction of the muscles of the uterus.

As a laxative agent, castor oil is prescribed for adults by 15 - ЗО g, and for children - 5 - 10 - 15 g per reception (1 teaspoon, dessert or tablespoon). Castor oil can be used in the form of gelatin capsules (finished) or emulsions.

Capsules contain 1 g of castor oil; respectively, adults are prescribed 15 - 30 capsules, children - 5 - 15 capsules, which are taken for 30 minutes.

Castor oil as a laxative is contraindicated in case of poisoning with fat-soluble substances (phosphorus, benzene, etc.), as well as male fern extract.

In the past, castor oil was used in obstetric practice to stimulate labor. Assigned to 40 - 50 g, usually in combination with other means.

Castor oil is used externally in the composition of ointments, balms for the treatment of burns, wounds, ulcers (see Liniment balsamic according to A. V. Vishnevsky), to soften the skin, remove dandruff, etc.

Rp .: Ol. Ricini 25, 0

DS Haine reception

Rp .: Ol. Ricini 1, 0

DtdN l5 in caps. gel.

S. Take for half an hour

Rp .: Ol. Ricini 10.0

Spiritus aethylici 95% 100 ml