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Description of the medicine: Guttalax (Guttalax)

GUTTALAX (Guttalax) *. 4, 4 '- (2-Picolylidene) diphenol sulfate.

Contumax, Dibrolax, Elimin, Evacuol, Gotalax, Guttalan, Laxidogol,

Laxoberon, Natrii picosulfas, Picobax, Picosulfol, Sodium picosulfate,

Totalaxan, Verilax et al.

Available in the form of disodium salt.

Laxative. According to the mechanism of action, and partially in structure, it is close to phenolphthalein and bisacodyl. It has a stimulating effect on the receptors of the intestinal mucosa.

It is used in the form of a solution containing 0.075 g (75 mg) of a preparation in 10 ml, 5 ml of a 10% sorbitol solution, preservative and distilled water (up to 10 ml).

Apply with various types of constipation.

Adults are prescribed 5-10 drops in a small amount of water, with an insufficient effect, increase the dose to 15 drops; children from 2 to 12 years old, 2 to 5 drops in a small amount of water.

Take in the morning and evening. The effect usually occurs after 6 - 10 hours.

Release form: in dropper bottles of 10 ml.

Storage: in the dark place.