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Description of medicine: Salt Karlovy Vary artificial (Sal carolinum factitium)

SALT KARLOVARIAN ARTIFICIAL (Sal carolinum factitium).

Ingredients: 22 parts of sodium sulfate, 18 parts of sodium bicarbonate, 9 parts of sodium chloride, 1 part of potassium sulfate.

White powder. Soluble in water (1:10). It serves as a substitute for the natural Karlovy Vary geyser salt.

Applied as a laxative and choleretic agent.

As a laxative prescribed on an empty stomach for adults and 1 tablespoon, children (2 - 6 years) - 1 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of water at room temperature.

As a choleretic take 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water (40 - 45 'C) for ZO - 45 minutes before eating.

Before use, the contents of the bag or jar are thoroughly mixed. Dissolve in boiled water.

Form release: in glass jars or bags of 125 g.

Storage: in well-sealed jars in a cool dry place.

The natural Karlovy Vary geyser salt is similar in composition and action to the salt of the Karlovy Vary artificial.