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Medication Description: Candles with glycerin (Suppositoria cum Glycerino)

CANDLES WITH GLYCERIN (Suppositoria cum Glycerino).

Candles containing glycerin 1, 44 g (or 2, 46 g), stearic acid 0.12 g (or 0.25 g) and sodium crystalline carbonate 0.06 g (or 0.13 g). The total weight of the candles is about 1, 6 g for children and 2, 75 g for adults.

When injected into the rectum, candles exert a slight irritating effect on the mucous membrane and, by reflex, stimulate defecation.

Soften, in addition, fecal masses.

Applied with constipation of various origins (habitual, age, people with reduced mobility, etc.).

One candle is administered once a day, preferably 15-20 minutes after breakfast.

With prolonged use, irritation of the rectum may occur. In these cases, suppository administration is stopped, it is recommended that 10–15 ml of warm sunflower (olive, peach) oil be introduced into the rectum.

Contraindications: hemorrhoids in the acute stage, anal fissures, inflammatory diseases and rectal tumors.

Form release: in a package of 10 candles.

Storage: in a cool place.