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Description of the medicine: Candles with glycerin (Suppositoria cum Glycerino)

CANDLES WITH GLYCERINE (Suppositoria cum Glycerino).

Suppositories containing glycerol 1, 44 g (or 2, 46 g), stearic acid 0.12 g (or 0.25 g) and crystalline sodium carbonate 0.06 g (or 0.13 g). The total mass of candles is about 1, 6 g for children and 2, 75 g for adults.

When introduced into the rectum, suppositories have a slight irritating effect on the mucous membrane and stimulate defecation in a reflexive way.

Soften, in addition, feces.

It is used for constipation of various origins (habitual, age-related, in persons with reduced mobility, etc.).

One candle is administered once a day, preferably 15 to 20 minutes after breakfast.

With prolonged use, symptoms of rectal irritation may occur. In these cases, the administration of suppositories is stopped; it is recommended to inject 10-15 ml of warm sunflower (olive, peach) oil into the rectum.

Contraindications: hemorrhoids in the acute stage, anal fissures, inflammatory diseases and tumors of the rectum.

Release form: in packing on 10 candles.

Storage: in a cool place.