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Medication Description: Fennel Fruit (Fructus Foeniculi)

FRENCHAL FRUITS (Fructus Foeniculi).

Fruit Voloshskogo or pharmacy dill. Dried mature fruits of cultivated two- and perennial herb fennel ordinary (Føniculum vulgaré Mill.), Umbellate family (Umbelliferae).

Along with fennel, the fruits of garden fennel (Fructus

Аnethi gravevelentis):

Applied with flatulence in the form of dill water (Aqua Foeniculi), as well as an expectorant, sometimes - to improve the taste in mixtures. The "carminative" effect is mainly due to the antispasmodic effect on the intestinal muscular layer.

Fennel oil (Oleum Foeniculi). Oil Voloshsky dill. Essential oil obtained by distilling the crushed fruits of fennel. Contains up to 60% anethole. Transparent colorless or yellowish, lightly mobile liquid with a strong smell, reminiscent of the smell of anise. The taste is first bitterly camphor, then sweetish.

Assign with flatulence and as an expectorant 5 to 10 drops per reception; also used to improve the taste of mixtures.

Form release: in bottles of 5 and 10 g.