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Medication Description: Althea Roots (Radices Althaeae)

ROOTS OF ALTEA (Radices Althaeae).

Collected in the fall or spring, de-corked and dried side and non-stiffened stem roots of wild-growing and cultivated plants of the Althea Drug (Allaeée officinalis L.) and Althea Armenian (Althaea Armeniaña Tén), Sem. malvaceae (malvaseae). Contains 35% vegetable mucus.

Applied in the form of powder, infusion, syrup as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent, mainly for diseases of the respiratory tract.

Dry Altea root extract (Еhtratсum Althaeae siccum). Powder grayish-yellow, almost odorless, kind of sweetish taste.

Altein syrup (Sirupus Althaeae). Ingredients: 2 parts of dry Alteka root extract, 98 parts of sugar syrup. Transparent yellowish liquid, a slight peculiar smell, sweet taste.

Rp .: Inf. rad. Althaeae 6,0: 180 m1

Sir. Liquiritiae ad 200 ml

MDS After 2 h for 1 tablespoon (adult)

Rp .: Inf. rad. Althaeae 3, 0: 100 ml

Sir. Althaeae 20 ml

M DS 1 teaspoon 4-5 times a day (child 2 years old)

Collecting chest N 1 (Speaks Restoralis N 1). Ingredients: 2 parts of crushed Althea root and crushed mother and stepmother leaves, 1 part of crushed oregano herb.

Assign as an expectorant.

One tablespoon is poured a glass of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, filter. Take 1/2 cup 2 - 3 times a day (after meals).

Collecting chest N 2 (Sresies Restoralis N 2) see Licorice roots.

Collect chest N 3 (Spesies Restoralis N 3). Ingredients: 28, 8 g of crushed Althea root and crushed licorice root, 14, 4 g of sage leaves, aniseed fruit, and crushed pine buds.

Indications and method of application - see. Collecting chest N 1.

Dry cough mixture for children (Mixtura sicca cntra tussim pro infantibus). Ingredients: 4 g of dry Alteka root extract, 2 g each of sodium bicarbonate and sodium benzoate, 1 g dry licorice extract, 0.5 g ammonium chloride, 0.05 g aniseed oil, 10 g sugar. Brownish gray powder with the smell of anise oil. Aqueous solution (1: 10) has a brown color.

Applied as an expectorant and antitussive.