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Medication Description: Spring Adonis (Herba Adonidis vernalis)

GRASS OF SPRING (Herba Adonidis vernalis).

Collected at the beginning of flowering before the fruits fall and dried grass of a wild perennial herbaceous plant of spring adonis (or spring adonis) - Аdonis vernalis L., herewith. ranunculus (Ranunculaseae).

1 g of grass should contain at least 50 - 66 ICE or 6, 3 - 8 CED.

Active substances of adonis are glycosides, the main of which are timarin and adonitoxin; consisting of aglycone adonitoksigenin and rhamnose sugar.

By the nature of the action, the adonis glycosides are close to the glycosides of the contracted stitches, however, they are less active in terms of the systolic action, have a less pronounced diastolic effect, and less affect the vagus nerve tone. Have a weak diuretic effect.

Compared with foxglove drugs, adonis drugs are less stable in the body and have a shorter effect; When applying therapeutic doses of adonis, the danger of cumulation is virtually eliminated. When ingestion drugs adonis absorbed, however, in an amount sufficient to obtain a therapeutic effect.

Apply preparations of Adonis mainly in relatively mild forms of chronic circulatory failure. They are also used in combination with other drugs for vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurosis, and other similar conditions.

An infusion of adonis herb is a part of Bechterew's medicine, which also contains sodium bromide and codeine (or codeine phosphate). Adonizid obtained from adonis is a part of the complex drug "Cardiovalen" (see).

The activity of the preparations of Adonis should be periodically subjected to biological testing.

From the herb Adonis is prepared for oral administration infusion (Infusum herbae

Аdonidis vernalis: 4 - 6 - 10 g per 200 ml. Adults appoint 1 tablespoon, children - 1/2 - 1 teaspoon or dessert spoon 3 - 4 - 5 times a day.

Higher doses (based on dry grass) for adults: single 1 g, daily 5 g orally.

Dry Adonis Extract (Exactus Аdonidis vernalis siccum). Burov is a yellow hygroscopic powder. Soluble in water (1: 10) with the formation of a turbid solution. Dry Adonis Extract 1: 1 contains in 1 g 46 54 ICE. An extract is also produced with a content of 90-110 ICE in 1 g (extract of adonis dry 2: 1).

Applies an extract for the manufacture of tablets and infusion.

Rp .: Inf. herbae Adonidis vernalis 4, 0 (6, 0 - l0,0): 200 ml

DS 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day

Rp .: Inf. herbae Adonidis vernalis 6, 0: 180 ml

Natrii bromidi 6, 0

Codeini phosphatis 0,2

MDS 1 tablespoon 3 times a day (Bechterew mixture)

Rp .: Inf. herbae Adonidis vernalis 8, 0: 200 ml

T-rae Leonuri

T-rae Valerianae aa l0 ml

MDS 1 tablespoon 3 times a day

Rp .: Inf. herbae Adonidis vernalis 4, 0: 200 m1

DS 1 dessertspoon 3-4 times a day for a child of 12 years

Tablets "Adonis-brom" (Tabulettae "Аunnis-brom" about products). Coated tablets, containing an extract of Adonis dry 1: 1 0.25 g (or 2: 1 0.125 g) and potassium bromide 0.25 g.

Assign 1 tablet 3 times a day as a sedative for neuroses and mild forms of circulatory failure.

Product: in glass vials of 25 tablets.