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Description medications: Vinkapan (Vincapan)

VINKAPAN (Vincapan) *.

Foreign drug (Bulgaria), similar in composition and vinkanoru action. It contains the amount of vinca alkaloids (Vinca minor L.).

Apply with spasms of cerebral vessels, neurogenic tachycardia, early forms of hypertension.

Inside, starting with 0.005 g (2.1 tablets), followed by 0.01 g (= 10 mg 1 tablet) 2 - 3 times a day. After a therapeutic effect individually selected maintenance doses.

Children designate starting with 0.0025 g (1.4 tablets) per day.

Product: pills to 0.01 g

Storage: List B.

A similar foreign product (Hungary) issued under the title "Vinkaton" (Vincaton).