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Description of the medicine: Kellin (Khellinum)

KELLIN (Khellinum). 2-Methyl-5, 8-dimethoxyfuro- [4 ', 5': 6, 7] -chromone.

The natural compound contained in the seeds of the plant Ammi Dental (Ammi visnaga L.), cultivated in our country.

Synonyms: Amicardine, Amiptan, Ammikheline, Ammipuran, Ammispasmin, Ammivin, Benecardin, Chellina, Corafurone, Coronin, Interkellin, Khelfren, Khellinorm, Lynamin, Methafrone, Rykellin, Visammamix, Visammin, Viscardn, dr.

White or slightly yellow crystalline powder; odorless, bitter taste. Very little soluble in water, little in alcohol.

Kellin has a general antispasmodic effect: relaxes the smooth muscles of the abdominal organs, bronchi, moderately dilates the coronary vessels of the heart. It has some sedative effect.

The drug was previously prescribed for bronchial asthma, spasms of the intestines and stomach, mild forms of angina (to prevent attacks; does not have a stopping effect). Currently, as an independent tool is not used; it is used mainly as a part of the combined tablets "Vicalin" (see. Bismuth basic nitrate) and "Marelin" (see).

The Kellatrin, Kelliverin tablets previously released containing kellin are excluded from the range of medicines.

Also previously excluded is the pastinacin drug, furocoumarin from inoculum parsnip, similar in action to kellin, from the nomenclature of medicines.