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Medication Description: Fendiline (Fendiline)

FENDILIN (Fendiline).

N- (2-Benzhydryl-ethyl-N-1-phenyl-ethyl) -amine hydrochloride.

Synonyms: Sensit, Phenaxazan, Phendilin, Phenoxan, Sensit.

White or slightly pinkish crystalline powder. Few soluble in water. Soluble in alcohol.

The chemical structure is directly close to the previously released drug diphril (prenylamine, corontin, falicore).

Both drugs are derivatives of phenylalkylamine and are close in structure to phenamine.

Diphril (prenylamine) is one of the first drugs that have the ability to block the passage of Ca '~ into cells. It was synthesized by "weighting" the phenylalkylamine molecule of a substance that blocks adrenergic receptors and has an anti-adrenergic effect. It turned out that, unlike phenamine, prenylamine (Diphril) does not possess peripheral adrenomimetic activity, does not stimulate the central nervous system, and, suppressing the transmission of sympathetic impulses, promotes the expansion of coronary vessels, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the myocardium. The drug has been used as an antianginal agent. Then its effect on the C + flux was revealed, and it began to be considered as an antagonist of calcium ions.

Recently, due to the lack of selectivity of action and the relatively weak antianginal activity, diphril was excluded from the range of drugs.

At the same time, the fendilin (senzit) proposed in the future, close to prepylamine, continues to be used.

However, fendilin (senzit) has a moderate antianginal effect with mild and mild coronary insufficiency and has moderate antiarrhythmic activity. In general, the drug is less effective than other drugs in this group.

Assign inside 1 to 2 tablets (50 mg) 3 times a day (most patients for Z00 mg per day).

Possible side effects: irritation of the gastric mucosa, pain, nausea, etc., headache, anxiety, allergic reactions.

Contraindications: pregnancy, acute stage of myocardial infarction. Caution is required for liver damage. You should not prescribe the drug at the same time with b-blockers.

Product form: coated tablets (pills), at 0.05 g (50 mg) in a package of 50 pieces.

Storage: List B.