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Description of the medicine: Lisinopril (Lisinopril)

Lisinopril *. 1- [N- [S] -1-Carboxy-3-phenylpropyl] -L-lysyl] -L-proline.

Synonyms: Coric, Prinivil, Zestril.

By structure and action is close to enalapril; Can be considered as a lysine analog of enalapril.

Has a prolonged antihypertensive effect (about 3.6 h after a single dose).

Indications, contraindications and precautions - see Captopril, Enalapril.

Assign adults inside from 2, 5 to 40 mg per day (an average of 10 mg per day).

Product: tablets of 0.025; 0.05 and 0.01 g (2, 5, 5 and 10 mg).