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Description of medicine: Fruits of a juniper (Baccae Juniperi)


Juniper berries (Baccae Juniperi, Fructus Juniperi).

Collected ripe and dried cone-berries, in everyday life called berries of common juniper, or heather (Juniperus communis L.), fam. cypress (Supressaceae).

They contain essential oil (at least 0.5%), sugars, organic acids, resins and other substances.

It is sometimes used as a diuretic, often in combination with potassium acetate. With nephritis and nephrosonephritis, juniper berries are contraindicated, as they cause irritation of the kidney parenchyma.

Release form: on 50 g in cardboard packs or plastic bags.

Rp .: Inf. bassrum Juniperi 10.0: 200 ml