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Description of the medicine: Magurlit (Magurlit)

MAGURLIT (Magurlit) *.

Granules (pink) in 2 g packages containing potassium citrate (0.794 g), sodium citrate (0.723 g), citric acid (0.27 g), magnesium citrate (0.18 g), pyridoxine hydrochloride (0.008 g) .

The drug is designed to shift the pH of urine towards an alkaline reaction (mainly under the influence of citrate ions), as well as to inhibit the formation and dissolution (under the influence of magnesium and pyridoxine ions) of stones consisting of calcium oxalate, as well as a mixture of uric acid with calcium oxalate .

Magurlite is used to dissolve and prevent re-formation of urinary stones in cases with persistent acidity of urine (pH less than 5, 5).

Take inside. The average adult dose is 6-8 g per day (2 g early in the morning, 2 g after lunch and 2 or 4 g late in the evening). Wash down with water (or fruit juice).

To further clarify the dose, the urine pH is determined daily using an indicator paper attached to the preparation, comparing the staining with the attached color scale; The pH of fresh urine, determined in the morning, afternoon and evening before taking the drug, should, with the right dosage, be in the range from 6, 0 to 6, 7 - 7, 0. Exceeding this value should be avoided, since with an alkaline reaction of urine (pH above 7, 0) phosphate stones may form. To maintain the pH at the indicated level, the dose of the drug must be selected individually.

The drug can be used for a long time - continuously or intermittently.

Treatment should be carried out under medical supervision.

Contraindications: infected urine, circulatory failure (due to the large amount of sodium and potassium in the drug.). In the course of treatment, violations of the gastrointestinal tract can be observed, usually passing without stopping the course of treatment.

To facilitate the removal of stones from the urinary tract, it is recommended that, along with the intake of magurlite (as well as blemarin and soluran), increased fluid injection into the body. In the absence of contraindications from the cardiovascular system and kidneys, the patient should take at least 1, 5 - 2 liters of liquid (mineral alkaline water, tea, fruit juices).

Release form: in packages of 2 g of the drug in a package of 100 pieces with the application of indicator papers, a color scale and tweezers.

It is made in Hungary.