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Description of the drug: Uralit-U (Uralyt-U)

URALIT-U (Uralyt-U) [Name of the drug company "Madaus AG"].

Granules containing potassium citrate, sodium citrate, citric acid.

The drug is designed to weaken the acidic urine, dissolving uric acid-containing calculi.

Used to dissolve stones consisting of urats and prevent their subsequent formation (prevention of relapses); for maintenance treatment in the presence of cystine stones and cystinuria. Oxalate (consisting of calcium oxalate) and phosphate (consisting of calcium phosphate), the drug does not dissolve the calculi.

Uralite-U is also used for alkalinization of urine in the treatment of cytotoxic drugs and in late porphyria.

Take the drug daily, usually at a dose of 10 g (4 scoops) 3 times a day, after meals: in the morning and in the afternoon, 1 scoop, in the evening - two. The granulate is dissolved in a glass of boiled cooled water.

For effective treatment, a certain urine pH should be maintained: with urate stones 6, 2-6, 8; with cystine stones 7, 5 - 8, 5; when performing cytostatic therapy at least 7, 0; with late porphyria 7, 2 - 7, 5.

Determination of the dose of the drug required to maintain the pH of urine within the specified limits is made using the attached indicator paper (see Magurlite). The color shade of the strips of paper moistened with urine is compared with the color table and, depending on the results, the subsequent doses of the preparation are increased or decreased. Determine the pH immediately before taking the drug.

To determine the urine pH in the treatment of patients with the presence of cystine stones and late porphyria, a special indicator paper is used.

The drug is usually well tolerated. Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for Magurlite.

Form release: in the form of granules of 280 g in a package with the application of indicator paper, color table.