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Description of the medicine: Phenazepam (Phenazepamum)

Phenazepamum (Phenazepamum). 7-Bromo-5- (ortho-chlorophenyl) -2, 3-dihydro-1H-1, 4-benzodiazepin-2-one.

Synonym: Fenazepam.

Crystalline powder, white or creamy white. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Phenazepam is a domestic highly active tranquilizer. It surpasses other tranquilizers in the strength of tranquilizing and anxiolytic actions; also has a pronounced anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and hypnotic effect. When used together with sleeping pills and drugs, there is a mutual strengthening of the effect on the central nervous system.

Phenazepam is prescribed for various neurotic, neurosis-like, psychopathic and psychopathic conditions, accompanied by anxiety, fear, increased irritability, emotional lability. The drug is effective for obstruction, phobia, hypochondriac syndromes (including those resistant to other tranquilizers), it is also indicated for psychogenic psychoses, panic reactions, etc., as it relieves anxiety and fear. Phenazepam is not inferior to some antipsychotics in terms of sedative and mainly anti-anxiety effect.

Phenazepam is also used to stop alcohol withdrawal. In addition, it is prescribed as an anticonvulsant and sleeping pill. By the power of sleeping pills, it approaches nitrazepam.

It can also be used for sedation in preparation for surgical operations.

Phenazepam is prescribed orally in the form of tablets. On an outpatient basis, adults are prescribed 0.00025-0.0005 g (0.25-0.5 mg) 2 to 3 times a day. In a hospital, the daily dose may be increased to 0.003 - 0.005 g (3 - 5 mg); in the treatment of epilepsy, the daily dose is from 0.002 to 0.01 g (2 to 10 mg).

For stopping alcohol withdrawal, 0.0025-0.005 g (2.5-5 mg) per day is prescribed. For sleep disorders, 0.00025-0.001 g (0.25-1 mg) is taken 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Sometimes the dose is increased to 0.0025 g (2.5 mg). The maximum daily dose should not exceed 0.01 g.

Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for chlozepide and sibazon. It should be borne in mind that due to the high activity of phenazepam, ataxia, drowsiness, muscle weakness, dizziness are more often observed [as a corrector that reduces or reduces the side effect of phenazepam (and other benzodiazepine derivatives), sydnocarb can be used (see Sydnocarb)].

Release form: white tablets of 0.0005 and 0.001 g (0.5 and 1 mg) in a package of 50 pieces and 0.0025 g (2.5 mg) in a package of 20 pieces.

Storage: List B. In a dry, cool, dark place.