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Medication Description: Growth Hormone (Somatotropinum humanum)

SOMATOTROPIN (human) (Somatotropinum humanum).

Hormone anterior lobe of the human pituitary.

Synonyms: growth hormone, Somatropin, Humatrop, Asellacrin, Crescormon, Genotropin, Humatrop, Nanormon, Somatonorm, STH, Somatropin.

It is a polypeptide consisting of 191 amino acid residues.

It has an anabolic effect, has a positive effect on mineral metabolism, causes an increase in growth and body weight with dwarfism associated with growth hormone deficiency.

In the past, somatropin for injection, released from the pituitary glands, was produced for medical use.

Recently (1998), this drug has been excluded from the nomenclature and replaced with somatotropin preparations obtained by genetic engineering methods (Sayzen, Genotropin, Humatrop, Norditropin, etc.).

The indications for the use of somatotropin preparations are developmental disorders of the body associated with growth hormone deficiency (pituitary dwarfism, pituitary nanism).

The devices of this group are contraindicated in malignant tumors.


Somatotropic hormone, obtained by genetic engineering (using mammalian animal cells).

Causes an increase in height and body weight (mainly in patients with growth retardation associated with impaired secretion of endogenous growth hormone).

Indications for use - see Somatotropin.

Enter intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Daily used at the rate of 12 U (IU) per 1 sq. M of body surface (0.6 U / kg). In the absence of effect, the dose is increased to 20 U / sq.m (or 0.8 U / kg).

For intramuscular administration, the weekly dose of raschinanu is divided into 3 single injections (4 U / sq.m or 0.2 U / kg) and administered every other day (usually in the evening).

For subcutaneous administration, the weekly dose is divided into 6-7 single doses.

The treatment is carried out for a long time (under careful clinical and laboratory control).

There are indications that after a 12-month administration of Sisen there is a significant increase in the growth rate of the body of children.

Form release: dried powder in vials of 4 or 10 IU.

Storage: at a temperature from +2 to +8 C (in the refrigerator).

Genotropin (Genotropin).

A variety of recombinant (genetically engineered using Escherichia coli) somatotropin.

Indications for use - see. Somatotropin.

Injected under the skin. Dose picked individually. Usually used at the rate of 12-16 IU per 1 square meter of body surface or 0.5-0.7 mg per 1 kg of body weight per week. This dose is divided into 6-7 injections (1 time per day).

Product form: special two-section cartridges (cartridges), containing 16 IU of somatotropin (genotropin) lyophilized powder in one section, and the solvent in the other. Enter with the help of a special syringe.

Humatrop (Humatrop) is available in vials of 4 IU (lyophilized powder for injection) and 18 and 36 IU in a special dosage form (3 ml cartridges).

Norditropin (Norditropin) - in bottles of 12 and 24 IU.

Indications for use - see Sayzen.