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Description of the medicine: Intermedinum (Intermedinum)

INTERMEDIN (Intermedinum).

Melanophore hormone of the middle pituitary gland. Obtained from the pituitary gland of cattle and pigs.

Flavourless white amorphous powder and taste. Easily soluble in water and in an isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Activity is determined biologically: 1 mg of powder should contain at least 10 units.

It is used to treat degenerative changes in the retina, hemeralopia, retinitis pigmentosa, myopic chorioretinitis.

The drug stimulates the activity of preserved cones and rods in the retina, improves adaptation to the dark, and increases visual acuity.

Assign in the form of a 5% solution of 3 drops in the conjunctival sac of each eye (between the injections of each drop, the interval is 5 minutes).

The duration of treatment is several months. Solutions prepare ex tempore.

There is evidence of therapeutic efficacy of subconjunctival injections of intermedin. Dilute 0.04 - 0.05 g of intermedin in 1 ml of a 0.5% solution of novocaine; sterilized by boiling, injected under the conjunctiva of 0.2 - 0.3 ml once every 3 days. On a course of 10 to 20 injections. Introducing simultaneously in both eyes is not recommended.

For administration by electrophoresis, 0.02 g of intermedin is dissolved in 25 ml of an isotonic sodium chloride solution.

The active electrode - the anode - is applied to the eye; current strength + 2 mA, session duration 10 - 15 min. Sessions are carried out 2 times a week, a total of 10 sessions in each eye.

Release form: in hermetically sealed vials of 0.05 and 0.1 g with the application of ampoules containing respectively 1 or 2 ml of solvent (0.9% sodium chloride solution).

Storage: in a dark place at a temperature of + 15 to + 17 C.