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Description of medicine: Homorap-Penfil (Homorap-Penfil)

HOMORAP-PENFIL (Homorap-Penfil).

Dosage form of a neutral solution of monocomponent human insulin. Available in special "cartridges" containing 150 mg of 150 units of insulin in 1.5 mg.

They are used with the help of disposable special syringe pens (penfil, novo-pen, ply-pen), allowing the patient to administer the required amount of insulin.

Actrapid NM can also be used in a similar way (see).

Both drugs are fast-acting insulins and are usually administered half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Medium-duration insulins (protafan HM, penfil, homafan-penfil) can also be injected (usually 2 times a day) with a syringe pen.

Doses and treatment regimens are set individually in accordance with the general rules of insulin therapy.