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Medication Description: Homorap-Penfil (Homorap-Penfil)

HOMORAP-PENFIL (Homorap-Penfil).

Dosage form of a neutral solution of monocomponent human insulin. Available in special <cartridges> containing 150 mg of insulin in 1.5 mg.

Apply using a disposable special syringe pens (penfil, new-pen, pliva-pen), allowing the patient to enter the required amount of insulin.

Similarly, actrapid NM can also be used (see).

Both drugs are fast-acting insulins and are usually administered half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With the help of a syringe, pens can also be administered (usually 2 times a day) with medium duration insulins (Protaphan HM, Penfil, Homafan-Penfil).

Doses and treatment regimens are set individually in accordance with the general rules of insulin therapy.