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Medication description: Hydrocortisone hemisuccinate (Hydrocortisoni hemisuccinas)

HYDROCORTIZONA HEMISUCCINAT (Hydrocortisoni hemisuccinas).

Synonyms: Arcocort, Corlan, Efcorlin, Hydrocortisone intraveineux, Hydrocortisone sodium succinate, Hydrocortistab soluble, Intracort, Solu-Cortef, etc.

Available in the form of sodium salt (sodium succinate) in a lyophilized form (Hydrocortisoni hemisuccinas liophylisatum 0.025 et 0.1 pro injectionibus).

White or white with a slightly yellowish tinge porous mass or powder in ampoules of 5 or 10 ml, containing 0.025 or 0.1 g of the drug.

Applied with acute adrenal insufficiency, acute allergic reactions, asthmatic status, for the prevention and treatment of shock, myocardial infarction, complicated by cardiogenic shock, for the treatment of thyrotoxic crisis, with other indications for the use of corticosteroids.

Assign parenterally to create a high concentration in the blood.

Hydrocortisone hemisuccinate is administered intravenously (jet or drip). If it is impossible to enter into a vein, it is administered intramuscularly.

The contents of the ampoule (25 or 100 mg of the drug) are dissolved immediately before use in 5 or 10 ml of water for injection, preheated to 35 - 37 ° C. When administered dropwise (30 - 70 drops per minute), this solution is diluted in 250 - 500 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Single doses range from 25 to 50 to 200 to 300 mg (acute adrenal insufficiency, severe cases of shock), daily allowances from 25 to 150 to 1300 mg or more. In shock, the drug is administered first with a jet, then drip until the blood pressure stabilizes. A single dose of 50-150 mg, in severe cases, it is increased to 300 mg. The daily dose is 1000 - 1300 mg and higher. In acute adrenal insufficiency a single dose of the drug is 100-200 mg. Patients with myocardial infarction, complicated by dry pericarditis, the drug is usually administered at 50 mg per day for 7 to 10 days. In case of bronchial asthma, the daily dose is selected individually. In the case of severe allergic reactions, the drug is usually administered at a dose of 100 mg per day for 1 to 3 days. After the onset of the therapeutic effect, daily doses are gradually reduced.

Abrupt cessation of drug administration is unacceptable.

Contraindications to the use of the same as for other corticosteroids, as well as thrombophlebitis. In extreme conditions, contraindications can be considered as relative.

Form release: in ampoules containing 0.025 and 0.1 g (25 and 100 mg) of the drug.

Storage: List B. In the dark spot.