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Description of the medicine: Halometasone (Halometasone)

HALOMETASONE (Halometasone). 2-Chloro-6 a -9 a-difluoro-11 b, 17, 21-trihydroxy-16 a-methylpregna-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione.

Synonyms: Seacorten, Sicorten.

Like sinaflan and flumethasone, it contains two fluorine atoms in the molecule and, in addition, a chlorine atom in position 2.

It is available in the form of ointments and creams that have a pronounced anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Indications for use are the same as for other similar drugs (see Sinaflan, Flumetazone pivalate).

Apply a thin layer to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day, usually without a bandage; in more severe cases, an occlusive dressing is applied.

The drug is well tolerated. Precautions and contraindications - see Sinaflan ointment.

Release form: 0,05% cream or ointment in aluminum tubes of 10 g.