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Medication Description: Beclomethasone Dipropionate (Beclometasoni dipropionas)

BECLOMETHAZONE DIPROPIONAT (Beclometasoni dipropionas). 9 a-Chloro-11 b, 17 a, 21-trioxy-16 b -methyl- 1, 4-pregnadien-3, 20-dione 17, 21-dipropionate, or 9 a-chloro-16 b -methyl-prednisolone dipropionate.

Synonyms: Beclocort, Beclosol, Beclotaide, Beclovent, Becotide, Gnadion, Propavent, Sanasthmyl, Vanceril, Viarex, etc.

Available as an aerosol for inhalation under the names: << Becotid >> (<< Becotid >>), << Beclomet >> (<< Beclomet >>), << Beclat >> (<< Beclate >>, etc.) . Applied with bronchial asthma, mainly in cases where conventional bronchodilators and cromolyn-sodium (Intal) are ineffective.

Adults are prescribed in 2 dosage inhalations (a total of 100 μg) 3–4 times a day; in severe cases, up to 12–16 inhalations (600–800 µg) per day are produced. Children are prescribed 1 to 2 inhalations (50 to 100 μg) 2 to 4 times a day.

The maximum daily dose for adults should not exceed 20 inhalations (1 mg); for children under 12 years old - 10 inhalations (500 mcg).

The drug does not have a stopping effect; the effect usually develops gradually, during the first week. If necessary, you can combine bekotid with bronchodilators, kromolin-sodium, antibiotics.

With prolonged use of the drug may develop oral candidiasis, requiring the use of antifungal agents.

Contraindicated in pregnancy, active tuberculosis of various organs (with pulmonary tuberculosis in an inactive form); Caution is needed when prescribing patients with adrenal insufficiency.

Form release: in aerosol packaging, equipped with a metering valve and designed for 200 inhalations, 50 μg per dose.

Storage: List B. At a temperature not higher than +25 C.

For use in allergic rhinitis, a special aerosol dosage form is available for intranasal use.