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Description of the medicine: Postinor (Postinor)

POSTINOR (Postinor).

Synonyms: Follistrel, Gravistat, Microlut, Microluton, Microval, Norplant.

Tablets containing 0.75 mg of the progestogen drug levonorgestrol (see Rigevidon). The content of gestagen is higher than in the combination drug rigevidon.

Suggested for use by women who do not live regular sex lives (with a frequency of sexual intercourse not more than 1 time per week). Taking the drug (1 tablet) immediately after intercourse prevents pregnancy. With frequent sex life, you should use combined contraceptives (non-ovlon, rigevidon or others).

The action of the drug, taken immediately after intercourse or no later than 1 hour after it, lasts up to 3 hours.

Possible side effects: nausea, uterine bleeding, amenorrhea.

Release form: tablets in packing of 10 pieces.