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Description medications: Amizil (Amizylum)

Amizil (Amizylum). Benzyl 2-diethylaminoethyl ester hydrochloride.

Synonyms: benactyzine, Actozine, Amitakon, Benactina, Benactyzine , Benactyzinum, Cafron, Cevanol, Lucidil, Nervatil, Neurobenzile, Parasan, Phobex, Procalm, Suavitil, Tranquilline and others.

The white crystalline powder. Soluble in water, it is difficult - in alcohol. Aqueous solutions upon prolonged storage hydrolyzed.

On chemical structure and pharmacological properties similar to diphenyl esters acid (spazmolitin et al.).

Amizil has diverse pharmacological activity, has a moderate antispasmodic, protivogistaminnoe, antiserotoninovoe, local anesthetic action.

Most expressed his holinoliticheskie properties; it blocks the central and peripheral cholinergic receptors. Due to the strong influence of the central holinoreaktivnye system (primarily on m-holinoreaktivnye) amizil belong to the group of central anticholinergics.

Influence amizila CNS oppression expressed in convulsive and toxic effect of cholinesterase and cholinomimetic substances in a calming effect, enhance the action of barbiturates and other hypnotics, analgesics, local anesthetics. Amizil also inhibits the cough reflex. It blocks the effects of excitation of the vagus nerve (dilate the pupils, decreased secretion of glands, reduced smooth muscle tone).

In neurological and psychiatric practice amizil due to its calming (tranquilizing) action is prescribed: asthenic and neurotic reactions in patients with anxiety stress syndrome; in mild phobic and depressive states, neurodermatitis and other. You can assign amizil in conjunction with neuroleptics, other tranquilizers, barbiturates. In psychiatric practice in connection with the advent of new, more effective drugs used amizil limited.

As central holinoliticheskoe means amizil effective in Parkinson's disease and other extrapyramidal disorders. The drug can prevent or reduce the effects of Parkinson's disease caused by phenothiazine derivatives, butyrophenones and reserpine. While the use of reserpine decreased nicotinic effects caused by the latter.

In practice anesthetics amizil can be used in the preparation of patients for anesthesia and postoperative period. Appointment amizila with analgesics enhances their analgesic effect.

Like other anticholinergic agents amizil also effective in diseases accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs (stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, spastic colitis, and others.).

Amizil can be administered to patients suffering from cough.

As the mydriatic agent amizil useful for diagnostic purposes: causes severe, but short mydriasis.