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Medication Description: Methyltestosterone (Methyltestosteronum)

Methyltestosterone (Methyltestosteronum). 17 a -Methylandrosten-4-ol-17 b -on-3.

Synonyms: Androral, Glosso-Sterandryl, Hormale, Madiol, Malogen, Metandren, Methyltestosterone, Oraviron, Oreton M, Stenendiol, Testoral, Virormoneoral

A white, crystalline powder; odorless and tasteless. Easily soluble in alcohol, practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in vegetable oils.

It is a synthetic analogue of testosterone. It has the biological and healing properties of the natural hormone and, like it, has a stimulating effect on the development of male genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics.

Methyltestosterone is not destroyed by enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract and remains active when taken orally. For greater effect, however, it is recommended not to swallow the pill, but rather to hold it in the oral cavity (under the tongue) until it is completely resorbed.

Methyltestosterone is a strong androgen, however, compared with testosterone, propionate is less active; when absorbed through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, it is about 3-4 times lower in activity than testosterone to propionate introduced into the muscles.

With indications for intensive treatment of male sex hormones, it is preferable to prescribe injections of testosterone propionate or testenate.

Methyltestosterone prescribed for men with delayed sexual development and disorders of sexual functions, with menopausal syndrome.

In primary eunuchoidism and hypogenitalism on the basis of congenital hypoplasia of the gonads or their surgical removal, 0.02-0.03 g of the drug (sometimes more) per day is prescribed.

In moderate forms of hypogenitalism, doses of 0.02–0.025 g (20–25 mg) are sufficient daily or every other day. The treatment is carried out for a long time, depending on the severity of the disease and the effectiveness of treatment. For the treatment of impotence due to functional insufficiency of the gonads, overwork and nervous exhaustion, 0.01-0.02 g daily is prescribed. With menopausal syndrome, they take orally at a dose of 0.005–0.05 g for 1–2 months, and for prostate gland adenoma at the initial stage, to 0.02– 0.03 g per day for 1–2 months; The treatment is repeated depending on the course of the process. Methyltestosterone is contraindicated in patients with prostate cancer.

With delayed sexual development, infantilism and growth retardation in children (boys) and adolescents, methyltestosterone is prescribed in 0.005-0.01 g (5-10 mg) per day; the duration of treatment depends on the effect obtained.

Sometimes methyltestosterone is prescribed (0.005 - 0.015 g per day) as a tonic (which is partly due to the anabolic effect) to convalescents after acute infections, injuries, surgical interventions, early senile wilt, etc. For this purpose, however, it is better to use anabolic steroids (see).

Methyltestosterone is sometimes used in the treatment of angina. Doses are individualized, prescribing from 0.01 to 0.02 g once a week to 0.01 g daily or every other day.