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Medication Description: Galascorbin (Galascorbinum)

GALASKORBIN (Galascorbinum).

Complex compound of sodium salts of ascorbic and gallic acids.

Brown or yellowish brown amorphous powder with a specific odor. Easily soluble in water. An aqueous solution (pH 7, 0 - 8, 0) has a brown color; sterilized at +100 "C for 30 minutes

The action of the drug is associated with the presence of ascorbic acid salt in it (the content of ascorbic acid in the preparation is about 20%) and with the astringent effect of sodium gallate; gallic acid and its salts to some extent also possess the properties of vitamin P.

Galascorbine is prescribed externally to treat cracks, burns, affected skin during radiation therapy; apply 0.5 - 1% aqueous solution (prepared ex tempore) for wetting wipes, irrigation, microclysters.

Used internally in the treatment of diseases accompanied by impaired vascular permeability: in hemorrhagic diathesis, capillary toxicosis, hemorrhage in the retina, in case of intoxication, radiation sickness, etc.

Take for an hour before meals for 0.5 - 1, 0 g 3 times a day every day for 1 - 1, 5 months. Treatment courses are repeated 2 - 4 times a year.

When you take the drug inside possible nausea and vomiting, which pass after discontinuation of the drug. To reduce these phenomena, you can drink the drug with alkaline mineral water or milk.

Galascorbine is contraindicated in hyperthyroidism, increased blood clotting, increased acidity of gastric juice, chronic constipation.

Method of issuance: powder; tablets of 0.5 g.

Storage: in well-sealed cans of dark glass in a cool, dark place.

Solutions are prepared before use and stored no more than 1 day.