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Description of the medicine: Videchol (Videcholum)

VIDEOHOLE (Videcholum).

Molecular compound of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) with cholesterol.

Colorless crystals or a white crystalline powder. Unstable to oxygen and light. It is practically insoluble in water, it is hardly soluble in alcohol.

Videhol is a specific anti-rheumatic drug. Like other vitamin D preparations, it regulates the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, accelerates the absorption of calcium in the intestines, improves the reabsorption of phosphorus in the kidneys, promotes the formation of the bone skeleton and teeth in children, as well as maintaining the structure of bones.

The drug is administered orally as a solution in oil. For the prevention of rickets, it is prescribed for full-term babies starting from the 2nd month, premature babies - after 2 weeks of life. Full-term infants are given 30,000 - 40,000 IU per day (in 2 divided doses) for 12 to 14 days, premature infants are given 6,250 - 10,000 IU per day for 2 months.

For the treatment of rickets of the first degree, 10,000-15,000 IU are used per day (in 2 doses) for 4-6 weeks (for a course from 300,000-400,000 IU to 500,000-600,000 IU). With rickets of the II degree, 15,000 to 20,000 IU are prescribed 2 times a day; per course (within 4-6 weeks) 600,000 - 800,000 IU. With III degree rickets, 800,000-1,200,000 IU per treatment course for 5-7 weeks, or 50,000 IU (in 2 divided doses) for 2 weeks, then 8,000 IU for 6 weeks.

For the treatment of bone diseases, videochol is used at 3000 IU per day for 1, 5 months.

When using videochol, it is imperative to observe the correct diet (including the additional introduction of vitamins A, C and group B) and the general strengthening regimen.

Contraindications for use are the same as for ergocalciferol.

In children prone to intestinal dysfunction, when taking videochol, frequent and thinning stools are possible; in these cases, reduce the dose of the drug.

Release form: 0.125% or 0.25% solution in oil (Solutio Videcholi oleosa 0.125% aut 0.25%) in orange glass bottles of 5; 10 or 30 ml.

Storage: List B. In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than + 5 'C.