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Medication Description: Complivitum

COMPLIVIT (Complivitum).

Complex preparation containing vitamins and minerals.

Available in the form of tablets (coated white), containing retinol acetate 0.001135 g (3300 IU), thiamine bromide 0.00129 g or thiamine chloride 0.001 g, pyridoxine 0.05 g, riboflavin mononucleotide 0.00127 g, cyanocobalamin 12 , 5 μg, ascorbic acid 0.05 g, α-tocopherol acetate 0.01 g, nicotinamide 0.0075 g, rutin 0.025 g, calcium pantothenate 0.005 g, folic acid 0.0001 g, lipoic acid 0.002 g, iron (II a) sulfate 0.02489 g, copper sulfate 0.002946 g, calcium phosphate 0.217 g, cobalt (II) sulfate 0.000477 g, manganese (II) sulfate 0.01096 g, zinc (II) sulfate 0.008795 g, magnesium f SFAT 0.1176 g, basic magnesium carbonate, 0.0722 g, 0.0057 g of calcium stearate

The action of complivit, given the content in it of a large number of biologically active substances, is very complex. The drug is recommended to compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiency in various pathological conditions (hyperlipidemia and early manifestations of atherosclerosis, reduced hemoglobin levels, etc.), to increase tolerance to prolonged physical exertion.

Accept inside after food on 1 tablet 2 times a day within 3 - 4 weeks. After 3 - 5 months, the courses are repeated. With repeated courses, the dose can be reduced to 1 tablet per day for 8 to 10 months.

Form release: tablets in a package of 60 pieces.

Storage: at room temperature, protected from light.