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Description of the medicine: Corvalolum (Corvalolum)

CORVALOL (Corvalolum).

A combined preparation containing ethyl ester of a - bromisovalerianic acid about 2%, phenobarbital 1, 82%, caustic soda (for converting phenobarbital to soluble phenobarbital sodium) about 3%, peppermint oil 0.14%, ethyl alcohol mixture 96% and distilled water to 100%.

Colorless transparent liquid with a specific aroma.

The composition and action is similar to the foreign drug valocordin (see).

The α-bromisovalerianic acid ethyl ester included in corvalol is a sedative and antispasmodic, acting similar to valerian extracts; in large doses also has a mild hypnotic effect. Phenobarbital sodium in doses received when taking Corvalol in normal doses (20 drops contain about 0.0075 g = 7.5 mg phenobarbital) has a mild sedative and vasodilating effect without a noticeable hypnotic effect. Peppermint oil has a reflex vasodilating and antispasmodic effect.

Corvalol is used for neurosis with increased irritability, mildly pronounced spasms of the coronary vessels, tachycardia, insomnia; in the early stages of hypertension, with intestinal cramps.

Assign inside (before meals) 15 to 30 drops 2 to 3 times a day; with tachycardia and vasospasm, a single dose can be increased to 40 - 50 drops.

Corvalol is well tolerated; even with prolonged use of the drug, side effects are usually not observed. In some cases, drowsiness and slight dizziness may be observed in the daytime; with a decrease in dose, these phenomena pass.

Release form: in bottles of droppers of orange glass on 15 ml.

Storage: List B. In a cool place protected from light (not higher than + 15 C)

Rp .: Corvaloli 15 ml