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Description of the medicine: Natural gastric juice (Succus gastricus naturalis)

JUICE GASTROL NATURAL (Succus gastricus naturalis).

Natural gastric juice. Get from healthy dogs through the stomach fistula with imaginary feeding (according to the method proposed by I. P. Pavlov).

Transparent colorless or slightly opalescent liquid of sour taste with a weak specific smell. Canned salicylic acid (0.03 - 0.04%).

Contains all enzymes of gastric juice; the content of free acid is 0.45 - 0.51%; pH 0.8 - 1, 2.

Apply inside with insufficient function of the gastric glands, ahiliya, hypo-and anacid gastritis, dyspepsia.

Assign adults 1 to 2 tablespoons; for children aged from 3 years on 1/2 - 1 teaspoon, from 3 to 6 years on 1 dessert spoon, from 7 to 14 years on 1 dessert - 1 tablespoon 2 - 3 times a day during or after meals.

Product: in bottles of 100 ml.

Storage: in well-closed bottles, in a dark place at a temperature of + 2 to + 10 'C. When stored in a warm place quickly loses activity.

Natural gastric juice, corresponding to the action of gastric juice obtained from dogs, can also be obtained from other animals (horses).

Natural gastric juice "Equin" practically does not differ in its action from natural gastric juice (obtained from dogs); used in the same doses.

Product: in bottles of 100 ml.