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Description of medicine: Panzynorm forte (Panzynorm forte)

PANZINORM FORTE (Panzynorm forte) *.

A complex enzyme preparation containing an extract of the mucous membrane of the stomach of cattle, bile extract, pancreatin, amino acids.

Available in the form of two-layer tablets (dragees). The outer layer, which dissolves in the stomach, contains an extract of the gastric mucosa (containing pepsin, cathepsin), amino acid hydrochloride. The acid-resistant core, absorbable in the intestines, includes pancreatin and bile extract (containing cholic acid).

The enzymatic activity of 1 tablet corresponds to 6000 international units (FIP U) of lipase (see lipases), 450 FIP U of trypsin, 1500 FIP U of chymotrypsin and 7500 FIP U of amylase, which ensures good digestibility of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Bile extract acts choleretic, accelerates the digestion of fats, stimulates the release of pancreatic lipase. Amino acids stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, intestinal enzymes and pancreas.

It is used for insufficient secretory and digesting ability of the stomach and intestines (chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, etc.), insufficient pancreatic function (chronic pancreatitis), hepatitis, cholecystitis, after surgery on the stomach, pancreas and liver, and digestive disorders associated with disorders diet, etc.

Take 1 tablet, with meals 3 times a day (with a small amount of liquid). With insufficient effectiveness, 2 tablets are prescribed 3 times a day.

Release form: tablets coated with a green shell, in a package of 30 pieces.

Storage: in a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than + 3 ° C.

It is made in Yugoslavia.