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Medication Description: Passionflower Grass (Herba Passiflorae)

GRASS PASSIFLORA (Herba Passiflorae).

Collected in the period of flowering and the onset of fruiting, dried leafy shoots of a perennial cultivated plant of passionflower incarnate (meat-red passionflower) - Passiflora incarnata L., herewith. passiflora (passionflower) - Рassifloraceae. Tincture and extract from passiflora have a calming effect on the central nervous system, have anticonvulsant properties.

Extract of passiflora liquid (Extractum Passiflorae fluidum). Alcohol extract. Liquid dark brown or dark brown in color, a peculiar aromatic smell, bitter taste.

Assign with increased excitability, insomnia, etc. 20 - 40 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 20-30 days.

Product: in dark glass bottles of 25 ml.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

Rp .: Extr. Passiflorae fluidi 25 ml