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Description of the medicine: Heparin ointment (Unguentum Heparini)

Ointment Heparin (Unguentum Heparini).

Composition: heparin 2500 ED, anesthesin 1 g, benzyl nicotinic acid 0.02 g, ointment base to 25 g.

Homogeneous creamy mass of white color with a yellow tinge, containing in 1 g 100 units of heparin.

Apply externally with superficial thrombophlebitis of limbs, phlebitis, after repeated intravenous injections, thrombosis of hemorrhoid veins, ulcers of extremities.

Gradually released from the ointment heparin reduces the inflammatory process and has an antithrombotic effect, and nicotinic acid benzyl ester expands the surface vessels, facilitating the absorption of heparin. Anestezin has an analgesic effect.

The ointment is applied with a thin layer (0.5-1.0 g per site with a diameter of 3-5 cm) 2 to 3 times a day and gently rubbed into the skin. In acute inflammation of hemorrhoidal veins, ointment is lubricated with linen or gingival tissue, which is applied to the hemorrhoids or injected into the anus with a tampon.

With ulcerative necrotic processes, reduced blood clotting of thrombopenia, the use of heparin ointment is contraindicated.

Product: in tubes of 10 and 25 g.

Storage: List B. In a dry, cool, sheltered from the world.

See also Ointment butadionic, Troxevasin.